Griffith faults Hammond for failing to fix problem of rising taxes

by Griffith for Illinois | Jan. 26, 2018, 11:24am

Joshua Griffith has been outspoken about problems related to high property taxes that he says have had an adverse effect on Illinois residents and businesses, and he lays much of the blame on Rep. Norine Hammond (R-Macomb).

The Abingdon Republican is running in the GOP primary against Hammond, who has held the 93rd House District office since 2010. 

Speaking to the West Central Reporter on Thursday, Griffith cited a tight schedule and declined to go into detail regarding Hammond's mistakes, but he did say that he believes Hammond had "every opportunity" to fix problems that continue to plague residents, and, in his view, drive both people and businesses out of the state.

A recent Illinois Policy report said Illinois property taxes have risen a staggering six times faster than average household incomes during the seven-year period after America's financial recession.

Griffith believes the high taxes are to blame for many of the state's economic woes.

"This is a trend that needs to be reversed." Griffith said in a release posted on his campaign Facebook page. "Our politicians need to stop increasing our taxes and give the citizens of Illinois the chance to invest in a home, plant roots, and raise their families here without high property taxes. If changes are not made and high property taxes continue to grow, the trend of people fleeing Illinois will continue."

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