Demand Property Tax Cap at 1% of assessed home value

The property value in Illinois continues to decrease and the taxes that we are forced to pay increase. I am going to demand that our property taxes are capped at the assessed value of our home which would result in the equity being placed back into one of the largest investments that we ever make.

Pension Reform

The current pension system is a Ponzi scheme that allowed politicians to continue getting elected by promising security of a lifelong retirement and early retirement. I am going to guarantee that I will work to educate and vote for true pension reform. The first item on the agenda will be to replace the current system with a 401K-style SMP, or "Self-Managed Retirement Plan." This will allow state workers to take their investment with them in the event of a job change.

Prioritize Education

As a former Administrator of a private school I know first hand the importance of quality education. Currently the education system has failed students due to the lack of funding that is invested in the classroom. The reason for the lack of funding is caused by high paid Administrators and under funded pensions. My focus is to improve the education of our children by promoting school choice and praising teachers for performance not tenure.

End Tax Hike

Surrender Republicans joined the likes of Michael Madigan Democrats and voted to increase our taxes by 32%. What this means to my family and the average family of the IL93rd district is an extra $100 a month less for your family to pay bills, buy diapers, or meals on the table. The politicians have been given an open checkbook to balance the budget and the overdraft fees are being forced on us to cover. The can has been kicked down the road for so long there is no more road to kick the can down. We are now in a time that both political parties are trying to justify taking more of our hard earned money. I am going to demand that the recent tax hike is repealed and that no more spending is allowed until taxpayer funded abortions and the sanctuary state bill is overturned. It is time that we get our house in order and promote growth by reducing taxes, and cut spending.