Conservative Republican

State Representative of the IL-93rd District


After serving 11 years in the U.S. Army and being medically retired Joshua has a passion to serve. Joshua's position in the military deployed him to Afghanistan and Kosovo where he served doing police work. Joshua retired as SFC and returned back to the area. After retiring from the military he had a passion to continue serving and got his masters in education and became a licensed minister. Joshua is a firm believer in educating the whole child, body, mind, and soul. He served as Administrator of Galesburg Christian School and helped lead the growth of the school. Joshua is also a licensed minister and youth pastor. Joshua and his wife have five children that they want to provide opportunities for after they graduate school. Today in Springfield there is a political class that is ignoring our values and harming our families. "Recent 32% tax increase, sanctuary state legislation, and taxpayer funded abortions are not the values that represent our family." Joshua is running for office to stand up for betrayed taxpayers that are tired of seeing career politicians support special interest.

Joshua Griffith will lead by example. Joshua is refusing to accept the legislative pension and is opposed to tax increases. Joshua will always put people before party politics.