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Joshua L Griffith is going to lead by example. Joshua is refusing to accept the legislative pension and is opposed to tax hikes. Illinois is currently ranked 49th in terms of states with the heaviest tax burdens per capita. This is a result of legacy politics. Madigan has been in office since 1983 and our tax burden continues to rise. We need to change the politicians and that is more clear now with the recent addition of surrender republicans joining Madigan and taking $100 more a month from our income.



Sanctuary state legislation, taxpayer funded abortions, tax increases are some of the reasons that Joshua is running for State Representative. The IL-93rd is a district that believes in the right to life, legal immigration, and tax reform. As your State Representative Joshua will demand fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, and individual responsibility. The current political class believe they can spend your money better than you can and that the rule of law does not apply to Springfield. Joshua is opposed to funding abortions, and making Illinois a safe space for illegal criminals. Joshua is an avid supporter of the second amendment and stands firm by "Shall not be infringed." As a family man and conservative Christian Joshua believes that our law comes from God not government. He will only support legislation that promotes less taxes and better services for all of his constituents not special interest. Joshua is a firm supporter in term limits and opposes legislative pensions.

Zero-tolerance for Sexual Harassment

Transparency and Accountability are long overdue in Springfield. The fact of sexual harassment allegations that have not been addressed for years is unacceptable. Joshua has zero-tolerance for sexual harassment and demands that politicians be held accountable and forced to resign when proven guilty.

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